Month: December 2015

Meet Kristi Lane Sinclair

Season one of Face the Music follows Haida/Cree singer-songwriter Kristi Lane Sinclair as she works to make it in the music business.

Kristi is emblematic of a new wave of Canadian aboriginal artists who are turning perceptions upside down. Raised in British Columbia’s backwaters, and drawing more from a DIY/indie aesthetic than traditional or mainstream music, Sinclair’s musical roots create a darkly intoxicating mix of grunge, folk and classical.

You can follow her story on television or in Kristi’s Face the Music Journal here on this website.

In the mean time check out her video “Kiki” which she produced during the filming of Face the Music.

Introducing “Face the Music”

Vancouver based RealWorld Media Inc. in conjunction with Kwiiga Pictures Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of Face the Music, a new TV and Web documentary series that’s all about up and coming¬†Aboriginal recording¬†artists in Canada. In our first season, six half hour documentary episodes explore the real life musical journey of emerging¬†Haida/Cree singer songwriter Kristi Lane Sinclair. Face the Music takes you intimately inside her creative process as she sets out to create her next album and play her way to the top of the indie music landscape. To get there, she’ll seek the advice of some of the top Aboriginal recording artists in North America who help her along the way.