If you’re reading this you’ve found me.

Or, at the least, you’ve found my journal.

My name is Kristi Lane Sinclair. I’m a Haida/Cree musician living in Vancouver, BC. I was raised in northern BC and grew up with a love for grunge music and electric guitars. Later in college, I was introduced to classical music and somewhere in the wash, my musical self was born. Classical grunge? Grungsicle? Perhaps I just love a good paradox.

Anyhow, since I’ve spent the last decade forming bands, writing songs and touring. I’ve released a couple of records and it’s time to make another. This time, there will be a TV show in tow to see it all go down. They will be there from envisioning a record, writing it, the recording process and finally the release.

Seems like a pretty far out idea but as a girl who used to skip school to watch “The History of Rock n Roll”, I’m pretty stoked to show people what I do and what goes into it. Maybe it’ll be a how to of “what not to do in the music industry”. Either way, I’m down.