Michel Bruyere is an Ojibway drummer who has been touring with the legendary Buffy St. Marie for years. We met years and years ago in Winnipeg and he is like a brother to me. I, in fact, call him my brother.

John Walsh plays bass with two amazing bands: Dan Magan + Blacksmith and Brasstronaut. We met when I was 17 when I started out in music school. I was too poor for stuff like… eating. Hah! So everyday, John would say “Wanna go have some lunch?” and I would say, “No, I’m ok.” And he would say “C’mon, I’ll get you a sandwich!”. That went on for years. And he’s the best bassist that I know and I am able to book him on nostalgia! He’s recorded every record with me and ALWAYS WILL! *maniacal laugh

Laura Ortman is my White Mountain Apache violinist sista from a different mista. Based in Brooklyn, we met through a friend suggestion through Raven Chacon. So three Red Rides ago, I emailed her and asked if she wanted to tour with us and BAM!, she shows up in Montreal…and the rest is a blurry history. Her style is like outta this world… but really, some galactic dark world stuff!

Sean Fulton, an incredible jazz pianist who’s played with a ton of different bands, is going to be playing with us. We also met in the derelict days in hallways of Vancouver Community College Music Program.